Miriam Strotkötter

about us

Nanna Pattern Design is an independent label that creates timeless, simple and high quality patterns and embroidery designs.

I am Miriam and the head of this small company, which I founded at the end of 2019. While studying to become a fashion designer, I realised that I didn't want to be part of the world of big fashion corporations. Following my studies, I designed fashion for the outdoor industry. This way I could live my love for nature in a technical way. But even this did not match my ideas of how I wanted to do my job. It should become more individual and original. So I came to the idea of developing patterns that are not bound to any compromises. The idea that I can design freely and develop a garment that does not entail minimum runs, returns and sale sales was a decisive turning point for me.

With my work, I want women to take time for themselves in a mindful way. Sewing is a deeply fulfilling craft that is not only enjoyable to practice, but also produces arguably the most beautiful result - a garment.

We wear clothes on our bodies around the clock. It is up to us whether we feel comfortable in them. Because clothing can do more than keep us warm. With high-quality materials and cuts, they can express our personality and give us a comfortable, coherent feeling. Those who wear homemade clothes are not only infinitely proud of them, but also do a lot for the environment. Sewing your own clothes is not only one of the most beautiful hobbies, it is a statement!

The fact that you can hold our patterns in your hands is not only possible because of my work. Many great people are part of the process and support me in some areas. This is the reason why I talk about "our" patterns.